Contact Pets is an independent shop situated on the outskirts of Chester, on the English/Welsh border that specialises in exotic animals including:

Lizards:- Bearded dragons, crested geckos & leopard geckos. Snakes:- Corn snakes, royal pythons & house snakes. Amphibians:- Dart frogs, tree frogs & toads. Chelonia:- Horsefields tortoise & Musk Turtles. Tarantula Spiders:- Red Knees, Chili Rose etc, Scorpions and other bugs. We also sell marine and freshwater fish, corals, marine and freshwater invertebrates and all the associated food and accessories. We sell live foods for reptiles and frozen Mice, Rats and chicks etc for snakes and birds of prey.

We give expert advice on buying a wide range of species and do not stock animals we do not have personal experience of.
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All livestock is guaranteed to be in the best condition possible and we stock a very wide range of equipment and food.
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