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Customer Testimonials

Reviewed by Luke chapman from Shotton

got my two crested geckos from them they are fantastic, they are now breeding, had corn snakes off them again fantastic, and had a leo off them they are great, also had fire bellied toads, cockroach off them a few species and they are all breeding well. the only place i buy my exotics from so helpful and always great when their is a problem.

November 2011

Exceptional Service - Reviewed by Joe Grocock from Wrexham

I am new to keeping reptiles and was unsure about how to keep leopard geckos, but i was told everything i needed to know and more!

Had my leopard gecko for 2 weeks now, she's just had her first shed since I've had her and she is doing great!

Will defiantly be back for the next one.

November 2011

(This review applies to the Leopard Gecko Blazing Banana Blizzard Phase Baby. version)

Reviewed by David McCracken from Flint

I got a leopard gecko today off contact pets they were extremely help full Tom was serving me and he new what he was talking about I got a tremper albino and he is lovely a bit scared but he is getting better.

October 2011

(This review applies to the Leopard Gecko Tremper Albino Phase Juvenile)

Nyla and Yoshi - Reviewed by E.Jewkes from Great Sutton

Incredible service. Incredible lizards.

We had Melissa serving us, she was helpful, informative and friendly.

The service was nothing but top notch, these people don't just do this as a job, it's a passion.

You can see that they care, and they were not just there to sell you things to make money, they care about the animals and they make sure you know every little detail needed to create a loving home.

Melissa certainly knew what she was talking about!

Excellent, I'm made up :)

December 2010

(This review applies to the Leopard Gecko Normal Phase Baby version)

Service 5 star - Reviewed by Ryan Halliwell from Connahs Quay

are so so helpful got my blizzard leo from here GREAT STAFF

December 2010

(This review applies to the Leopard Gecko Normal Phase Baby version)

Paul - Reviewed by Paul from Chester

Best pet shop around, I have a few lizards all from contact pets got the best advice and cheapest products, wouldn't bother going anywhere else. fact great service with a smile on ya face no mites, very healthy live stock. clean shop as a standard. :)

October 2011

Excellent All rounder's! - Reviewed by Jake and Emily from Chester

When looking to buy two baby dragons the information on line was confusing at best but after 10 minutes in contact pets we felt confident and well informed in our choice for buying some dragons We brought two baby's and complete set up, exactly what they needed for a good price they didn't try to sell unneeded add ons Everyone was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable and the aftercare was fantastic and when they say you can call them with any issue they mean it Would highly recommend to all

August 2011

(This review applies to the Bearded Dragon "Red Phase" Baby version)

Great - Reviewed by Dan from Chester

Best pet shop around, I have a few lizards all from contact pets got the best advice and cheapest products, wouldn't bother going anywhere else

April 2011

Reviewed by Scott from Ellesmere Port

Bought my bearded Dragon (Ziggy) from here about 7 and a half years a go. He's still healthier than ever, every time go to the shop, the staff are great and really helpful. Would highly recommend a bearded dragon as a first pet and would highly recommend you buy from this shop

April 2009

(This review applies to the Bearded Dragon Baby version)

Awesome - Reviewed by mike from Corwen

I got drake last year for my birthday and he's now 1 yr and 2 months old he's got so much bigger than he was back then when he could fit into the box they were very helpful and very friendly and anyone looking for a good reptile for a pet and a good seller buy from here have had no problems with any of their items or drake best place ever!

January 2009

(This review applies to the Bearded Dragon Baby version)

Crested gecko :D - Reviewed by Chloe from Ewloe

I got one just today, and He's an absolute darling! :D Like to jump alot too, he he.

I've had no problems with him, and hope it stays that way too!

May 2011

(This review applies to the Crested Gecko Baby. Dalmatian / Harlequin / Flame Morphs version)

Crested gecko - Reviewed by Jake from Wallasey

Really great gecko, bought an adult from here in November great to just watch him wandering around his tank, great shop too everyone knows their stuff about the animals and are really helpful

April 2011

Reviewed by Jon Dunn from Upton-By-Chester

This pet shop is the best pet shop I have found round Chester.

March 2011

(This review applies to the Crested Gecko Baby version)

Steve Bartlett - Reviewed by Steve Bartlett from Wirral

This is a great pet shop to buy livestock. They will spend time to instruct you in how best to look after your animal. The Crested Gecko is a friendly, inquisitive little lizard that does not move too fast, seems easy to look after, and happy to wander all over you and your clothes. Good fun watching it chase its food around its cage. All in all a nice cheap pet.

January 2009

Reviewed by Mikey Williams from Lache Chester

Very friendly and helpful people with a good knowledge of reptiles I find it 2 be the best reptile shop around

September 2010

Baby snow corn - Reviewed by Gareth Bunnell from Ellesmere port

top quality service, corn snake was really healthy, feeding was no problem, really enjoy having my corn when I get another snake I will be choosing contact pets again.

February 2010

Ruby - Reviewed by c Blythen from Holywell

She's been home with us now for 2 days. We're amazed at how well she seems. She had her first pinkie this morning after spending the last 24 hours under her water bowl. she loved the food and is having a good route round and getting to know her new home. She's great. We're completely crazy about her

April 2009

Sir William - Reviewed by Jeff Stretch from Chester

Just got my new snow corn home and into his(or her) new viv. What can I say I'm over the moon. Quality service from friendly knowledgeable staff, really pleased, 10/10.

February 2009

Reviewed by Ian Ryan from Wirral

Have just bought a baby Corn from contact pets - Have got one of their Leos last year. Top quality service again. Snake feeding well. Will buy from them again.

January 2009

Normal corn snake - Reviewed by Frederick Jones from Runcorn

Bought normal corn on 04/09/2010 even though I have kept and owned various snakes they asked all the right questions before selling, and offered after care service. I will be using them again and highly recommend. New corn is amazing.

September 2010

Snow Corn Snake - Reviewed by Laura Ferris from Blacon Chester

We have had our little corn snake since December of last year and he is growing quick, we would not have been any where if it hadn't been for the lovely staff at contact pets they are knowledgeable and very helpful on all levels. Thanks to them we have both done something we thought we would never do. Thank u all ever so much

August 2010

Antheristic Corn snake - Reviewed by Joseph Gibson-Wood from Hapsford Village

An amazing animal I've had mine over 1 year and never bitten me!!!!

Never had problems feeding, so highly recommended.

June 2009

stunning variables - Reviewed by Louise jones from Holywell

bought a male and female variable king snake today they are stunning i have called them bonnie and Clyde .

god this reptile keeping is addictive - Reviewed by Allisha from Chester

Staff are very helpful and see you through until the end :)! beautiful snakes and very informative staff thank you for all your help! x

January 2010

(This review applies to the Royal Python Male CB2011 version)

Syd - Reviewed by Dazzetski from Ellesmere Port

I got Syd in April, got him onto weaner rats as Dave recommended & haven't looked back since, highly highly recommended

October 2009

(This review applies to the Royal Python Male Yearling version)

Reviewed by Ian from Bangor

A beautiful snake. Feeds without fail. Very active and handles very well. The staff are very helpful as well!

September 2009

Male & Female Royal/Ball Pythons - Reviewed by Gazza G from Chester

During their settling in period my female was reluctant to feed, I was told to bring it on the 4th Jan so Contact Pets could work their magic, low and behold, on the 3rd, she om-nom-nom'ed up that mouse and they have both never missed a feed since. I regularly visit contact pets for fishing gear and crickets for my FBT's and even My dad has commented on how good the customer service, I hope to buy a crestie or a leopard gecko sometime this month too.

March 2009

Reviewed by Dazza from Ellesmere Port

The guy's are fantastic, they care more about the animals than the money which is refreshing. I've had my royal for a month & will definitely be going back for more!!!

March 2009

Reviewed by Leanne from E/Port

I bought a baby corn from Contact Pets July 2009 and haven't looked back, excellent animals all bred from their own snakes so reasonably priced, super aftercare and extremely helpful, would highly recommend :D

January 2010

Reviewed by David fortune from Saltney

I bought a amel corn snakes 3 days ago she is settling in fine she's been fed an I must say that the staff at contact pets went above and beyond what they were meant to do. Very very pleased with everything

January 2010

Joe Sloan

I bought a baby amelanistic corn snake and the service there was great I would advise anyone that likes reptiles or wants one, should visit contact pets.

January 2010

Suzanne McArdle - Reviewed by Suzanne McArdle from Heswall

I Bought Tilly + Tiny in July this year, I found all the staff especially Melissa very helpful indeed.

October 2009

Horsfield Tortoise - Reviewed by Claire from Bromborough

I bought Audrey from contact pets in April and was served by really helpful staff, good follow-up advice as well! Would advise anyone to use contact pets, thanks again

November 2008

Russian tortoise - Reviewed by Charlie from Ellesmere port

excellent staff and an excellent species of torts

March 2008

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