Lots of amazing inverts are now in store at even more amazing prices!!
Madagascan Hissing & Deathshead Cockroaches are now ONLY 50p each!!
🔵 Blue Tongue Skink 🔵
We have this beautiful Blue Tongue Skink now available!! Possibly female but tricky to sex until it gets a little older. Pictures don't do this justice, it really is something special!!
We have some cracking little Casque Head Iguanas now in store!! 💚🦎
These are a relatively small species of Iguana getting around 70cm in length, most of this being tail. They will require a large arboreal set up, with good UVB coverage and a nice basking spot of 32 degrees.
We currently have a wide selection of lake Tanganyikan cichlids available in store. These are often overlooked by people as they do not offer the same vibrancy as their Malawi cousins. But their popularity is on the rise once again and we are super exited...
🦈 Banded Cat Shark 🦈
We have managed to get our hands on another banded cat shark from Tropical Marine Centre . He is now settled in nicely and feeding on frozen foods. This one is very tame and has a lovely temperament so won't be here for long much to our disappointment....