We have a super cool female Sarasins Giant Gecko now available!! 🧡🦎
You don't see these too often. Sarasins are in the same family as Crested and Gargoyle Geckos so have very similar needs and handle really well.
We have a stunning Blue Tongue Skink now available!! 💙🦎
Blue Tongues are a fantastic alternative to a Bearded Dragon needing a similar size tank and lightning. They are omnivorous meaning that they will eat a varied diet of vegetables and insects, snails being a particular favourite.
🧪🥼 Hanna Instruments UK  🥼🧪
We are expecting a huge top up on HANNA Checkers & reagents this week!
⚠️🪸 ⚠️ REEF ZLEMENTS ⚠️🪸 ⚠️
Calling all Reefers! You have asked so we are going to deliver!!!
⭐ We sell Isopods!! ⭐
That's right!! We have a great selection of Isopods available in store TODAY!!